Finish Line

Experience the ultimate board game thrill with 'Finish Line'. This strategic dice action game brings the excitement of horse racing to your living room. Ideal for game nights, family time, and for those who love a challenge. Bet, roll, win - your race to victory starts with 'Finish Line'!


"Dragon Quest" is an exciting board game where players navigate a perilous castle, collect treasures, and battle monsters. They roll dice, encountering monsters, traps, and obstacles. The goal is to reach the treasure chamber and collect as many treasures as possible before sunset.


MarrakeshStefan Feld City Collection 4 In Marrakesh gibt es einiges zu tun! Streift durch die Souks - den Märkten Marrakesh -  und feilscht mit den Händlern um wertvolle Luxusgüter. Nutzt Eure Assistenten, um Einfluss in der Koutoubia-Moschee und im Bahia-Palast zu gewinnen. Konsultiert die Gelehrten, besucht den Marktplatz Djemaa el Fna mit seinen Wasserverkäufern, Schlangenbeschwörern … Continue reading Marrakesh


ShogunBecome the most powerful and influential shogun As warlords in 16th-century Japan, the players attempt to secure a position of dominance for their respective clans. The most successful Daimyo at the end of the game will become SHOGUN. To succeed, a player will need not only to control as many provinces as possible, but also … Continue reading Shogun


FranchiseThe franchise boom prevails in America in the 1960s In the America of the 60s, the franchise boom has just started. New chains rush to be the first to open in new cities all across the nation. Starting with a meager franchise in one small town, players will seek to spread their ventures, covering the … Continue reading Franchise