Stefan Feld City Collection 4

There is a lot to do in Marrakesh!

Roam the souks – the markets of Marrakesh – and haggle with the merchants for valuable luxury goods.

Use your assistants to gain influence in the Koutoubia Mosque and the Bahia Palace.

Consult the scholars, visit the Djemaa el Fna marketplace with its water sellers, snake charmers and jugglers, and discover oases in the Sahara.

Experience adventures around trade and influence in the royal city, but in all this, don’t forget to reward the population and provide them with dates and water!

You could say that Marrakesh has become my masterpiece in my game design career so far. The catchy mechanism with the dice tower and the multitude of possibilities result in great tactical and strategic depth. Marrakesh is easy to learn, but complex without ever being complicated.

Stefan Feld

Game Designer

The following pictures show the game material of the Deluxe Edition.

Stefan Feld
Fiore GmbH
Andreas Resch
Patricia Limberger
2 – 4
60 – 90 min
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