Stefan Feld City Collection 6

Discover Cuzco: Adventure, Strategy, and the Secrets of the Inca!

Classic Edition

Dive into the fascinating world of the Inca and become the “Chasqui”, the legendary relay runner! In this breathtaking board game, your mission is to deliver crucial messages on behalf of the mighty “Sapa Inka” from the splendid capital Cuzco to the remotest villages of the Inca Empire “Tawantisuyu”.

Imagine traversing the majestic Andes, overcoming perilous paths, and encountering the secrets of a long-lost civilization. Every successful delivery rewards you with a magnificent feather, a symbol of honor and status. But that’s not all! In Cuzco, you have the chance to research at the renowned university, elevate your status, and delve into thriving agriculture.

But beware! The gods are watching your every move. Will you manage to appease them with your offerings and win their favor? Strategy, skill, and a bit of luck with the dice will determine whether you gain the goodwill of the “Sapa Inka” and become the true hero of Cuzco.

With impressive game components, tactical decisions, and a deep immersion into the culture of the Inca, “Cuzco” offers an unforgettable gaming experience. Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Then step into the shoes of the Chasqui and uncover the treasures of Cuzco!

Deluxe Edition

Classic or Deluxe

🌟 Important Note: ‘Cuzco’ is available in two captivating versions – Classic and Deluxe. Our gallery provides you with a glimpse into both versions, allowing you to make the perfect choice for your gaming experience!

Ever since we discovered ‘Cuzco’, we’ve been completely enthralled and captivated! The combination of strategy, history, and stunning graphics has transported us into the world of the Incas. The tactical depth keeps us engaged for hours on end. It’s rare for a game to be so educational and yet so thrilling at the same time. A true highlight in our game collection!

Lukas & Julia

Stefan Feld
Marek Bláha
Klemens Franz
2 – 4
75 – 120 min
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