LancasterWho will become a true supporter of the young King and thus the most powerful Lord of their time? In the year of 1413 - the new King of England, Henry V of Lancaster, pursues ambitious plans: the unification of England and the conquest of the French Crown! Each player is the leader of their … Continue reading Lancaster


WallensteinAs a military leader in the Thirty Years' War you are looking for your advantage The Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation, around 1625. The Thirty Years’ War is under- way and military leaders like Wallenstein or Gottfried Heinrich Graf zu Pappenheim are roaming the country, fighting and looking for their odds. The leader … Continue reading Wallenstein


ImmortalsFight in epic battles in two immortal worlds In Immortals, the players are warlords, controlling different tribes, and fighting for control of two worlds to determine who will rule over light and shadow. Death, once dreaded by mortals, has been overcome. Armies that die in the world of light, are resurrected in the shadow world … Continue reading Immortals


ArmageddonFrom The Ground Up As survivors of the Armageddon, the players try to re-establish civilization. Each player will rebuild a city, using their survivors' talents to their best to let it grow and prosper. But their citizens will need housing, because otherwise they will be prone to join forces with the marauders who are a … Continue reading Armageddon