Merlin Deluxe Big Box

New Big Box with upgraded components and new expansions

New Big Box with upgraded components and new expansions

Who will be the worthy successor to the throne of King Arthur?

As the Knights of the Round Table you accept the challenge and fight for the favour of Merlin and Arthur. Fulfil missions, expand your influence in the various counties, build manors in the surrounding areas and fight traitors to the Crown.
All expansions influence the course of the game. In the module “Knights of the round table”, for example, you must accept the help of allied knights. You can even make use of the abilities of the witch Morgana le Fay and break the basic rules of the game with the module “Carleon”.

The 6 expansion modules and 2 queenies bring a variety of individual action and strategy options and can be played in any combination with the basic game. That allows a huge diversity of game settings.

Be suprised by the various possibilities of combination!

The Box comes with exclusive deluxe components:
Individually adapted inserts, allow you to store the game material optimally. The trays make the Big Box even more valuable – just like the acrylic stands, the marbled dice and the wooden mansions and witches’ houses.

Stefan Feld,
Michael Rieneck
Dennis Lohausen
2 – 4
75 min