Master the castle, defeat the dragon, seize the treasure!

“Dragon Quest is a real adventure! The strategic challenges and exciting battles have captivated me for hours. It’s a game I want to play again and again. I can’t wait to start my next expedition into the castle!”

Oliver, 43

Enthusiastic board game player

“Dive into the magical world of “Dragon Quest”, a game that combines adventure, strategy, and excitement in a unique experience.

In “Dragon Quest”, you start your journey as a brave hero, fighting your way through a dangerous castle full of traps, monsters, and treasures. Every step you take could be your last, as ghouls, trolls, orcs, and even poisonous spiders lurk around you. But don’t worry, you’re not alone. With every battle won and every trap overcome, you collect valuable gold coins and powerful artifacts to help you master the challenges.

The treasure chamber is the ultimate goal. Here you can collect incredible riches, but be careful, the dragon might wake up! And if you manage to reach the exit before sunset, you have overcome the dangers of the castle and can sum up the value of all treasures, items, and gold coins.

But beware, time is your greatest enemy. If the sun sets before you reach the exit, the darkness will devour you. And if you lose all your life points, through fighting monsters or stepping into traps, then your hero is dead.

“Dragon Quest” is a game that tests both your strategic skills and your courage. It’s a game full of risks and rewards that constantly challenges you and never gets boring.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the adventure that “Dragon Quest” has to offer. Become the hero who overcomes the castle, defeats the dragon, and walks away with the greatest treasures.

“Dragon Quest” is waiting for you in our online shop. Buy it now and start your adventure!”

Dan Glimne
Chang-Wei Chan
1 – 4
45+ min
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