Alhambra – The Red Palace

Alhambra – The Red Palace

Stand-alone game in the Alhambra theme world

Build your masterpiece in Alhambra: The Red Palace! Strategy, tactics, and excitement await in the world of Moorish architecture.

Dive into the fascinating world of “Alhambra: The Red Palace”!

Imagine yourself in the heart of Andalusia, surrounded by the majestic architecture of the Red Palace. In this game, you become a master builder, battling for control of the most splendid buildings. With every decision, you actively shape your own masterpiece, letting it bloom in 3D on your game table.

Exciting Decisions
Choose wisely between collecting money cards of different currencies or acquiring valuable buildings. Every purchase could change your fate! Pay the exact price for a building, and you’ll gain an additional action, potentially giving you a crucial advantage.

Tactical Depth
Skillfully use the abilities of your guards to acquire wall parts, take money cards, or even replace building tiles. Each of your decisions influences the development of your Alhambra, bringing you closer to victory or further from it.

Captivating Scoring
Keep an eye on the scoring tableau and plan ahead. Become a master of strategic planning by integrating the most buildings of a type in your Alhambra and collecting additional points for your longest contiguous outer wall.

Final Triumph
At the end of the game, every detail counts. Each guard on your longest outer wall earns you additional points. Become the ruler of the Red Palace by scoring the most points and showing your opponents who the true master builder is!

Let “Alhambra: The Red Palace” transport you to a world full of strategy, tactics, and excitement. Experience the thrill of the master builder life and discover the joy of creating your own masterpiece. What are you waiting for? Your adventure begins now!

„Alhambra: The Red Palace is an absolute highlight in my game collection! The strategic depth, combined with beautifully designed components, ensures hours of gaming fun. I love the challenge of creating my own masterpiece while competing against my friends. A must for everyone who loves demanding and aesthetically pleasing board games!“

Alena K.

Dirk Henn
Patricia Limberger
2 – 6
60 min
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