The search for heir to the throne has begun!

Merlin and King Arthur are in search for a worthy successor to the crown. The players take on the challenge by competing as Knights of the Round Table for the favor of Arthur and Merlin.

Missions need to be fulfilled, Influence to be gained in principalities, manors to be built in the county and traitors to be defeated. With the help of the dice, player’s move their knight and Merlin around on the action rondel, where every space yields an individual action.

The player who keeps a close eye on their fellow players and uses his dice for his own plans most cleverly will become the successor and win “Merlin”.

Merlin offers a unique experience by the use of his clever dice mechanic and the numerous actions one can take in the game.

Stefan Feld, Michael Rieneck
Dennis Lohausen
2 – 4
75 min

Arthur – Expansion 1

King Arthur must intervene to avert the impending danger.

While the search for a successor is well under way, King Arthur has not abdicated his throne yet.

Troops of Pict soldiers are emerging from the fog, and as the King, he must personally ensure every- one remains out of harm’s way. This expansion enlarges the already rich decisions of Merlin by introducing a new figure, Arthur, which will move on its own rondel with its own brand new actions to explore.

You must own the base game Merlin to play with this expansion.

Knights of the Round Table – Erweiterung 2

Find allies among the 12 Knights of the Round Table

It is your big ambition to become the successor of King Arthur, but it will be hard to compete against your rivals without any assistance.

Find allies among the 12 Knights of the Round Table, and utilize their abilities well. Using their power at the right time will bring advantages that may decide on winning or losing the game at the end.

All 12 allies have unique abilities offering new strategies and calling the players to experiment with them during many varied game sessions.

You must own the base game Merlin to play with this expansion.

Morgana – Expansion 3

The search for a successor demands each help you can get, even from the witch Morgana le Fay!

The 3 new modules can be played individually or in any combination with the basic game. There are also two new resources: gold coins and mistletoe.

These are needed for each of the three modules, but can also be integrated independently into the basic game.

In the module “Morgana” you use the witchcraft of Morgana to gain advantages over your fellow players.

The “Market” module offers a new way to gain access to various resources to make the game more flexible.

The “Caerleon” module alters the basic rules of the game exchanging the 6 principalities for city quarters each with a different rule set. That way you will be confronted with a whole new challenge on how to play Merlin.

You must own the base game Merlin to play with this expansion.