New York City

New York City

Stefan Feld City Collection 3

Build prestigious skyscrapers for a stunning skyline

New York is famous for its skyline building it up as impressively as possible is what this game is all about.

You take on the role of builders and work in different areas. You’ll raise money to pay the members of your team.

You’ll also need blueprints to build as many skyscrapers as possible.
In each of the five passages you’ll build the part of the city where the mayor is staying.

And at the end of the game, your prestige points get the majorities of skyscrapers in each district. The value of your teams also goes into the scoring.

Whoever has the most points at the end wins!

The rewarding bidding mechanism and the many well-known personalities who can be hired for support make New York City a one-hour connoisseur-level pleasure. And the skyline that gradually emerges on the board is really beautiful to look at.

Stefan Feld

Games Designer

The following pictures show the game material of the deluxe edition.

Stefan Feld
Fiore GmbH
Andreas Resch
Patricia Limberger
2 – 4
60 – 90 min
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