Stefan Feld City Collection 2

Come with us to Amsterdam!

You are influential Amsterdam merchants in the 19th century.

You produce many different goods and bring them to the appropriate warehouses.

By trading goods profitably and spreading your merchant network throughout the city, you gain prestige and influence.

Each turn you choose cards and dice that give you the resources to decide the game.

You use these to activate cards, take possession of blocks of houses, or move your barge.

Did you have the best tactics and earned more reputation than your competitors?

Then you have won.

At the centre of Amsterdam is the wheel, which is filled with action blocks in an innovative way and only gradually releases them. The most challenging game of the series so far, for which you should bring some time.

Stefan Feld

Games Designer

The following pictures show the game material of the Deluxe Edition.

Stefan Feld
Fiore GmbH
Andreas Resch
Patricia Limberger
2 – 4
60 – 90 min
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