Stefan Feld City Collection 1

Will you gain enough influence to become First Mayor of Hamburg?

Hamburg 1890: You compete with the powerful of the city for influence, power and status. Your goal is to become Hamburg’s First Mayor.

With the help of your hand cards you build a variety of buildings. You expand the zoo or the botanical garden and maybe even the city wall. This will give you special abilities, money and influence.

Whoever has the most influence after the final scoring wins and can call himself First Mayor of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg.

The combination of the multifunctionality of the cards and the unpredictability of the dice makes Hamburg a special game experience. The many modules increase the already great variance of the basic game even more.

Stefan Feld

Games Designer

The following pictures show the game material of the deluxe edition.

Stefan Feld
Fiore GmbH
1 – 5
60 – 90 min
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