The Art of the Underground Awaits You!

Conquer London’s Tunnel: Art, Strategy, and Creative Duels in “Graffiti”!

Dive into the vibrant world of street art in London’s famous “Leake Street Tunnel”. In “Graffiti”, you step into the shoes of an up-and-coming artist, eager to leave your creative mark in this legendary tunnel. But beware! Not every brushstroke is allowed. You’ll need both the right spray cans and permission to complete your masterpiece.

Each round brings new challenges and decisions. Which colors will you choose? Where will you leave your signature? And how will you deal with the constant presence of Bobby, the London policeman? With strategic skill and an eye for detail, you can outsmart your fellow players and rise to become a celebrated graffiti artist.

But that’s not all! Exciting bonus tiles offer you additional opportunities and twists that make the game fascinating time and again.

Are you ready to showcase your artistic talent and conquer the streets of London with your art? Then “Graffiti” is waiting for you! A game full of colors, strategy, and creative fireworks. Unleash your creativity and become a legend of the “Leake Street Tunnel”! 🎨🌆

Order now and experience the magic of street art!

Review from “Pöppelkiste”

This summary gives you a brief insight into the review, which you can find in full on the “Pöppelkiste” website – just click on the provided link to learn more! (German only)
The term ‘Pöppelkiste’ can be translated in colloquial terms to ‘Game Piece Box’

Marco Ruskowski
Marcel Süßelbeck
Markus Erdt
2 – 6
45 min
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