Fresco Expansion Box

Fresco – Expansion Box

New assignments – new possibilities

Dive into the glorious era of the Renaissance and experience completely new possibilities of playing with new expansion modules (12-17).
You are fresco painters who are restoring the large ceiling of the cathedral on behalf of the bishop.

Good planning is always necessary. Colours must be bought, the fresco restored and new colours mixed together. Only those of you, who plan wisely can score the most victory points and become the most successful fresco painter.

One or the other of you will fall in love with “The ladies” of the city. By marrying one of them, they can support you in your craft skills.
“The Catacombs”: Look for valuable treasures in the old catacombs of the cathedral, which you can sell to get money. Or exchange them at the end of the game for precious victory points of the bishop.

In the module “The Pews” you also take on the task of restoring them to attract more visitors and thus more money into the church.

“The Dome” needs a new coat of paint as well. Save the necessary colours and take on this challenge to certainly be rewarded.

Can you resist the temptation to buy colors from dubious black-market dealers? They may not be expensive, but you never know exactly what colours you will get for your money…

The 6 modules can be combined with the basic game in any way you like, thus increasing the possibilities of playing. Each module influences the duration of the game – for even more and longer lasting fun!

Marco Ruskowski, Marcel Süßeöbeck
Oliver Schlemmer,
Klaus Stephan,
Martin Hoffmann,
Patricia Limberger
2 – 4
60 min