Scrap Racer

Scrap Racer

Ready, set, go! May the dice be on your side!

As daredevil scrap racers you take part in the fastest, most dangerous, and downright crazy race in the galaxy.

Built from all sorts of old scrap, the racers may be fast, but they are susceptible to engine failures of all kind, from small to catastrophic.

Audacity, clever tactics, and some luck of the dice and cards will be needed to be the winner of this three lap race of mayhem.

Anika und Sebastian Richter
Dennis Lohausen
2 – 6
20 -45 min

Upgrade – Expansion 1

2, 3, 1!

Two new Racers with unique abilities expand the driver field and allow to play with up to 8 players.

Three new race tracks – each with their own rules – mix up the racers‘ positions and

One Pit Stop allows players to upgrade their racer with new abilities.

You must own the base game Scrap Racer to play with this expansion.