Metro – City Edition

Metro – City Edition Deluxe BigBox

Build your Metro in Berlin, London, New York, Paris, St. Petersburg, Stockholm!

Players are expanding metro lines to be as far reaching as possible. The longer a line, the more valuable the respective metro company becomes.

The Deluxe BigBox includes well-known (and proven) expansions as well as many new expansions named after iconic Metro cities. Tourists are visiting famous sights all over the globe in Berlin, London, New York, Paris, St. Petersburg and Stockholm.

Depending on the expansion, players earn victory points through line expansion, stock ownership or transporting tourists to their desired stations. The expansions can be played individually, or in any combination amongst each other.

For the first time, a solo variant will be released in this Deluxe BigBox.

Metro –
The Browsergame

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Dirk Henn
Franz Vohwinkel
1 – 6
30+ min