Fierce fighting in the underworld in America in the 1960s

America…the late 60’s. Following the Beat generation, hippies and the counter culture dominate the street scene now. So peace, love and understanding rule the day? Yeah right.

Not everyone chooses to reject materialism. Gangs are no longer armed with switchblades and bats. The Gun Control Act of 1968 has not been passed into law yet and automatic weapons move freely into the country and across state lines.

Gang bosses invest more and more into legal business affairs, but don‘t hesitate to unleash their thugs on the competition to gain an advantage. You are not the good guy this time. The stakes are high and your competitors are enemies – in the boardroom and on the street. It‘s gangland war and only Greed that counts!

Donald X. Vaccarino
Claus Stephan & Patrick Rennwanz
2 – 5
30 min