Future Energy

Future Energy

Build Europe’s Green Energy Future – Your Game, Your Grid!

Future Energy has revolutionized my weekends! As a fan of strategy board games, I was instantly hooked. The blend of tactical planning and the exciting theme of energy management is brilliant. It feels so satisfying to build my own energy empire while learning about renewable energy. A must-have for any game enthusiast!

Felix, 32

Felix, 32

Discover Your Energy Future with “Future Energy”!

Imagine you’re the head of an energy corporation in the heart of Europe. Your mission? To shape the energy supply of the future! Welcome to “Future Energy,” the board game that takes you into the fascinating world of renewable energies.

Plan Strategically, Build Wisely

In “Future Energy,” it’s not just about building power plants. You have to plan ahead to earn the most money and the most valuable CO2 certificates. These resources are your key to new, innovative construction contracts that will elevate your energy empire to the next level.

Your Grid, Your Rules

But what’s a power plant without an efficient electrical grid? Invest in your own power lines and earn transit fees when other players use your network. The larger and more efficient your grid, the more advantages you’ll enjoy. And don’t forget: Moving on your own power lines is free. Use that to your advantage!

Europe’s Energy King

Your goal is to be present in as many European regions as possible. Cleverly connect your power plants through your grid and secure additional CO2 certificates at the end of the game. Whoever has the most victory points at the end will be crowned the undisputed Energy King of Europe!

Why “Future Energy”?

  • Strategic Gameplay: Every decision counts. Plan your moves carefully to outsmart your opponents.
  • Realistic Simulation: Learn the basics of energy production and grid construction.
  • Social Factor: Negotiate with other players, build alliances, and use their grid to your advantage.
  • For the Whole Family: With simple rules and a playtime of 60-90 minutes, “Future Energy” is the perfect game for an exciting family evening.

Are you ready to shape the energy future? Then implement your strategy in “Future Energy” and become the master of renewable energies! 🌍💡

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2 – 4
60+ min
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