Coraxis & Co

Coraxis & CoRavens steal ripe fruit Once more, the bold robber ravens are sitting in the old fruit trees of farmer Frank. The ravens pinch the ripe fruits and quickly carry them to their safe nests. The clever farmer and his wife Mathilda try to catch the impudent gang with their large net. However, the … Continue reading Coraxis & Co

Shaky Rock

Shaky RockIt's very lively in the jungle! Tim Lion and his friends have found the most tasty coconuts. But there's a problem: They are still hanging from a palm growing on a wobbly rock. Skillfully the animals keep their balance on that wobbly rock, collecting the juicy coconuts. "Watch out, up there! It's quite wobbly!" … Continue reading Shaky Rock

Spooky Castle

Spooky CastleA mag(net)ical adventure It is shortly before midnight! Little Spooky, a bold junior ghost, wants to join the circle of the grand haunting ghosts today. To succeed, he must pass a spooky admission examination before the witching hour begins! Can you help Spooky and skillfully see him through the Spooky Castle? “Spooky Castle” is … Continue reading Spooky Castle

World Monuments

World MonumentsBuild monumental structures from world history together. Each player assumes the role of a master builder. During the first phase of each game round, the players collect tokens and gems in the quarry. During the second phase, the players add their collected tokens to the monument and are awarded points for their work. At … Continue reading World Monuments


KairoOffer your goods in the bazaar Morning has just dawned, and the bazaar in Cairo is already bustling. Carpets, precious oils and exquisite spices all await the customers – but only a large booth will attract their attention. In their role as traders, the players will expand their market stalls to lure a rich clientele. … Continue reading Kairo


ThebesIn search of the greatest treasures of antiquity The players travel as archaeologists around Europein order to acquire the necessary knowledge for their excavation expeditions. With the aid of assistants, players get needed equipment and services for their expeditions. Once properly equipped, the players head off to Egypt, Crete, or Mesopotamia to dig at the … Continue reading Thebes