Captain Silver

Captain Silver

Which pirate has the right “feel” and collects the most valuable treasures?

Pirates ahoy! Captain Silver has a piratetastic challenge for you: All players act simultaneously and try to fumble for the wanted pirate items in their pirate pouches.

As soon as a player feels a wanted item, they draw it quickly from their pouch, and put it on the game board. A player gains precious gold coins for any matching items or may set sail with their pirate ship to the Treasure Island in order to recover valuable treasures.

But, beware: Any drawn items not matching the task are placed on the Volcano Island and must be reclaimed at high costs. Which of you junior pirates will have the proper “feeling”, thus having collected the most valuable treasures after three game rounds?

Wolfgang Discherl & Manfred Reindl
2 – 4
45 min