Rune Stones Expansion 2 – “The Enchanted Forest”

New Challenges through new expansions

You take the role of the druids and have to prove your skills in handling the rune stones. You summon creatures using magic to use their abilities to get at the precious gems.

Runestones bring permanent abilities and power points. The abilities change the rules of the game to the advantage of your druid, while the power points bring you closer to the throne.

At the same time, each of the druids has a confidant who is able to comb through the enchanted forest. This confidant increases your druid’s power and tries to acquire unique abilities that you should use at the right moment!

With the help of action cards, you can take your confidant even deeper into the Enchanted Forest. There he can collect magical toadstools and thus bonus points. In addition, there are 8 new types of rune stones and optional rules to integrate the stones into the game.

Die Erweiterung ist nur zusammen mit dem Rune Stones Grundspiel spielbar.

Rüdiger Dorn
Dennis Lohausen
2 – 4
60 min